Instructions for Entering Marching Band Contest  READ THIS INFORMATION!!


2018 PERFORMANCE ORDER FOR ALL CONFERENCES (Official schedules will be posted after entry deadline dates)

2A-4A-6A Marching Schedule 10-17-18 (Inclement weather date October 22) JUDGES: Joe Dolkos, Ross Grant, Mark McGahey


3A-5A Marching Schedule 10-24-18 (Inclement weather date October 30) JUDGES: Reagan Brumley, Barry Hurt, Jeremy Strickland





Information Form (mail, or scan & email form to Bonnie)

Announcers Script  (mail, or scan & email form to Bonnie)

Statement of Compliance  (mail, or scan & email to Bonnie by entry deadline signatures required-Director & Principal)

Parent/Student UIL Marching Acknowledgement Form (keep on file at your school)

Remember to submit forms above by the entry deadline. The Parent/Student Acknowledgement Form is to be kept on file on your campus.


Marching Band Video Educational Use Agreement Form If you wish to have an educational video of your band filmed at a UIL marching contest, this form must be completed on-line and will be submitted to the UIL State Office. Form should be submitted no later than 7 days prior to your UIL contest. (Additional forms may be required by Mesquite ISD)





Addendum to Ground Rules (9-18)


Bus-Truck Parking Map (Mesquite Memorial Stadium) (2018)


Stadium Flow Map

Field Entrances and Exits Map


Inclement Weather Procedures


Use of Electronics (UPDATED OCTOBER, 2018)


Timing Procedures





        URGENT! ALL personnel working with marching bands are required to complete the Safety Training course on-line through the state UIL website. This is state law and must be completed EVERY YEAR. CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS TO ACCESS THE COURSE ON LINE.


Region Marching Contest Ticket & Admission Policies